This is a museum quality, wearable replica of Neil Armstrong’s iconic A7L Apollo spacesuit, and is AVAILABLE TO HIRE for your event or shoot.


Model: Dr Helen Czerski [not included)

It is a truly beautiful object. An almost perfect visual copy of the most historically significant item of clothing ever engineered.

It’s been made by American artist Ryan Nagata who recently built some of the spacesuits and props for the Armstrong biopic First Man.

Ryan’s attention to detail is extraordinary. His work is in incredibly high demand worldwide. This is the only one in the UK.


The suit is the intravehicular configuration (as worn at launch), and has been appropriately weathered and aged.

It includes a perfect replica of the ‘Snoopy’ communications cap, as well as gloves and pressure bubble helmet (see image gallery below).

Please note: It does not have the various EVA components: LEVA (visor assembly), PLSS backpack, RCU, lunar over-boots/gloves or hoses.


It will fit someone roughly between 5’7” and 6’ (170cm and 183cm) in height, and also comes with a custom-made mannequin by Proportion London who make the finest visual displays for the world’s most important designers and museums.

Cost of Hire

The cost of hire is entirely dependent on your needs, budget, location, and duration.

It includes personal delivery and set up and collection. I will always do my best to help.

I’m also available for lectures and talks with the suit.

Please do not hesitate to GET IN TOUCH USING THE FORM BELOW with any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Dallas


Spacesuit Gallery

Photos: Natalie Shaw

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Armstrong and Collins Apollo XI walk out, A7L spacesuits intravehicular configuration (Photo: NASA)